Tuesday, 12 January 2010


I must apologise to all those who were looking forward to an environmentally-friendly gardening post, first I have to talk about cars. Why does this topic relate so closely to Cornwall? Well to start with it's widely known that people in Cornwall tend to use their cars a lot more and for a lot longer over the course of a day, week, year etc. Although the county is paving the way for greater environmental thinking in many areas, many of us live in rural or semi-rural areas poorly covered by public transport. The road networks themselves are in need of improvement - Penzance to Falmouth anyone? - and as a result the need to use our cars on a daily basis is far greater.

First of all I love driving. Although I haven't had a car for over a year (the old one died and I didn't need to replace it), I still miss having a car. I'm very interested in the concept of zero-emission cars, not just because they could help to protect our global climate in the future, but because they could make such a difference to air quality and pollution levels. Also, are they quieter? Could noise pollution be potentially reduced as well? I've just seen the advert for the Renault Electric Cars that are due to be launched in 2011 and I love it! I must admit I'm a real sucker for advertising and whoever is the brains behind it really knows how to work their audience, but I think it's fantastic. I for one would love an electric car, or even better, a hydrogen car (I don't think these ones are going to be mass produced any time soon though).

Image courtesy of greencarsite.co.uk. See it on its original page

I must draw attention to a very well kept secret that is hiding in my home town of Penzance. Did you know you can actually lease electric vehicles, both cars and commercial, from a company called ecodrive. I believe that there will also be vehicles available to buy from them in the very near future as well. For my part I hope that once ecocornwall becomes a magazine, I will be distributing them using an ecodrive van!


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