Friday, 8 January 2010

What makes Cornwall so 'green'?

When I began researching this topic, I was bombarded with answers. Big names come to mind first of all, words like 'Eden' and Wave Hub', and yes it's true, Cornwall is home to both these projects. The Eden Project really has put Cornwall on the map for so many reasons, being home to the world's largest greenhouse and drawing many thousands of visitors from across the world to see its iconic biomes every year. The Wave Hub is an exciting new project based in Hayle that aims to harness the power of wave energy; essentially it will act as a form of 'socket' for wave energy converters to be plugged into, with the aim of providing power for 7,500 homes once connected to the National Grid.

But what about before these fantastic new enterprises made their mark on the Cornish landscape (and seascape)? What about 20 years ago when the environment wasn't a hot topic and the green consumer barely existed? Cornwall was leading even back then. In 1991, it was the site of the UK's first ever commercial wind farm,
which was constructed at Delabole, near Camelford. Today, it is home to several more sites, all doing their bit to generate power from a sustainable source. I will leave the many controversies surrounding wind farm technology until a later date!

Eden Project Wikipedia entry
Wave Hub Wikipedia entry


  1. That's why I love spending vacations at Cornwall holiday cottages, because it's Eco-friendly, making the place so relaxing.

  2. I remember when that windfarm in 1991 was first put up... amazing times. Great to see that things have continued.

    Chris @ Pet Friendly Cottages in Cornwall