Wednesday, 28 July 2010

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Exciting sustainable development being built in Camborne!

All across the local papers the news is that work on the long-awaited Heartlands project has now begun. The scope of the development is vast; there will be new residential and business areas using sustainable building materials, and the historic mine shaft buildings at the centre will be preserved. At present the area is 7.5km of derelict land, so the transformation when it is complete will be amazing.

The aim according to the website is to "deliver an inspiring, low carbon, sustainable community development which is accessible to all and which celebrates and enriches understanding of the local culture, heritage and natural environment."

This is what Cornwall needs, something truly sensitive to the environment and the community that we can be proud of, not some greedy developer building houses on greenbelt land that no-one can afford anyway. Well done Cornwall Council (and I never thought I'd say that!)